ASP.NET Literal Control

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Definition and Usage

The Literal control is used to display text on a page. The text is programmable.

Note: This control does not let you apply styles to its content!


Property Description .NET
Mode   2.0
runat Specifies that the control is a server control. Must be set to "server" 1.0
Text Specifies the text to display 1.0

Control Standard Properties

AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory, BindingContainer, ClientID, Controls, EnableTheming, EnableViewState, ID, NamingContainer, Page, Parent, Site, TemplateControl, TemplateSourceDirectory, UniqueID, Visible

For a full description, go to Control Standard Attributes.


Declare one Literal control which displays some static text in an .aspx file.

Literal 2
Declare one Literal control and one Button control in an .aspx file. When the user clicks on the button, the submit subroutine is executed. The subroutine changes the text of the Literal control.

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