ASP.NET BulletedList Control

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Definition and Usage

The BulletedList control creates a list in bullet format.

Each item in a BulletedList control is defined by a ListItem element!

Note: This class is new in ASP.NET 2.0.


Property Description .NET
BulletImageUrl Specifies the URL of a custom bullet list image. Used if "BulletStyle" is "CustomImage" 2.0
BulletStyle Specifies the style of the bullet list 2.0
DisplayMode Specifies the type of list displayed 2.0
FirstBulletNumber Specify the start number of list items in an ordered list 2.0
runat Required. Specifies that the control is a server control.  Must be set to "server" 1.0
Target Specifies where to open the target URL 2.0

ListControl Standard Properties

AppendDataBoundItems, CausesValidation, DataTextField, DataTextFormatString, DataValueField, Items, ValidationGroup

The ListControl control covers all the base functions for list controls. The properties above applies to the BulletedList control.

For a full description, go to ListControl Standard Attributes.

Web Control Standard Properties

AccessKey, Attributes, BackColor, BorderColor, BorderStyle, BorderWidth, CssClass, Enabled, Font, EnableTheming, ForeColor, Height, IsEnabled, SkinID, Style, TabIndex, ToolTip, Width

For a full description, go to Web Control Standard Attributes.

Control Standard Properties

AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory, BindingContainer, ClientID, Controls, EnableTheming, EnableViewState, ID, NamingContainer, Page, Parent, Site, TemplateControl, TemplateSourceDirectory, UniqueID, Visible

For a full description, go to Control Standard Attributes.

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