ASP.NET ImageButton Control

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Definition and Usage

The ImageButton control is used to display a clickable image.


Property Description .NET
CausesValidation Specifies if a page is validated when an ImageButton control is clicked 1.0
CommandArgument Additional information about the command to perform 1.0
CommandName The command associated with the Command event 1.0
GenerateEmptyAlternateText Specifies whether or not the control creates an empty string as an alternate text 2.0
OnClientClick The name of the function to be executed when the image is clicked 2.0
PostBackUrl The URL of the page to post to from the current page when the ImageButton control is clicked 2.0
runat Specifies that the control is a server control.  Must be set to "server" 1.0
TagKey   1.0
ValidationGroup The group of controls for which the ImageButton control causes validation when it posts back to the server 2.0

Note: The properties of the Image control can also be used on the ImageButton control.

Web Control Standard Properties

AccessKey, Attributes, BackColor, BorderColor, BorderStyle, BorderWidth, CssClass, Enabled, Font, EnableTheming, ForeColor, Height, IsEnabled, SkinID, Style, TabIndex, ToolTip, Width

For a full description, go to Web Control Standard Attributes.

Control Standard Properties

AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory, BindingContainer, ClientID, Controls, EnableTheming, EnableViewState, ID, NamingContainer, Page, Parent, Site, TemplateControl, TemplateSourceDirectory, UniqueID, Visible

For a full description, go to Control Standard Attributes.


Declare one ImageButton control and one Label control in an .aspx file. When the user clicks on the image, the getCoordinates subroutine is executed. The subroutine sends the message "Coordinates: " and the x and y coordinates of the click to the Label control.

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