ASP.NET ListBox Control

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Definition and Usage

The ListBox control is used to create a single- or multi-selection drop-down list.

Each selectable item in a ListBox control is defined by a ListItem element!

Tip: This control supports data binding!


Property Description .NET
Rows The number of rows displayed in the list 1.0
SelectionMode Allows single or multiple selections 1.0

ListControl Standard Properties

AppendDataBoundItems, AutoPostBack, CausesValidation, DataTextField, DataTextFormatString, DataValueField, Items, runat, SelectedIndex, SelectedItem, SelectedValue, TagKey, Text, ValidationGroup, OnSelectedIndexChanged

The ListControl control covers all the base functions for list controls. Controls that inherits from this control include the CheckBoxList, DropDownList, ListBox, and RadioButtonList controls.

For a full description, go to ListControl Standard Attributes.

Web Control Standard Properties

AccessKey, Attributes, BackColor, BorderColor, BorderStyle, BorderWidth, CssClass, Enabled, Font, EnableTheming, ForeColor, Height, IsEnabled, SkinID, Style, TabIndex, ToolTip, Width

For a full description, go to Web Control Standard Attributes.

Control Standard Properties

AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory, BindingContainer, ClientID, Controls, EnableTheming, EnableViewState, ID, NamingContainer, Page, Parent, Site, TemplateControl, TemplateSourceDirectory, UniqueID, Visible

For a full description, go to Control Standard Attributes.


Declare one ListBox control in an .aspx file. Then create an event handler for the Click event which displays some text and the selected item, in a Label control.

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