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Get the number of available audio tracks:

var x = document.getElementById("myAudio").audioTracks.length;

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Definition and Usage

The audioTracks property returns a AudioTrackList object.

The AudioTrackList object represents the available audio tracks for the audio.

Each available audio track is represented by an AudioTrack Object.

Browser Support

Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Google Chrome Safari

The audioTracks property is not supported in any major browser.



Return Value

Type Description
AudioTrackList Object Represents the available audio tracks for the audio.

AudioTrackList Object:

  • audioTracks.length - get the number of audio tracks available
  • audioTracks.getTrackById(id) - get AudioTrack object by id
  • audioTracks[index] - get AudioTrack object by index

Note: The first available AudioTrack object is index 0

AudioTrack Object Represents an audio track.

AudioTrack Object Properties:

  • id - get the id of the audio track
  • kind - get the type of the audio track (can be: "alternative", "description", "main", "translation", "commentary", or "" (empty string)) 
  • label - get the label of the audio track
  • language - get the language of the audio track
  • enabled - get or set if the track is active (true|false)

Audio Object Reference Audio Object


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