RSS Readers

An RSS Reader is used to read RSS Feeds!

RSS readers are available for many different devices and OS.

RSS Readers

There are a lot of different RSS readers. Some work as web services, and some are limited to windows (or Mac, PDA or UNIX):

  • QuiteRSS - FREE! QuiteRSS is an open-source, cross-platform RSS/Atom news reader. It is versatile, and has a full set of options. QuietRSS has a rich set of social sharing options (Email/Twitter/Facebook/.../Pocket/Etc). QuietRSS is fast starting, and navigation is quick
  • FeedReader - FREE! Simple, straightforward feed reader that easily handles large number of feeds. Has the essential options (not a lot of confusing ones). Does not require Java. Import or export OPML files. Option to open links in an external browser
  • RssReader - FREE! Windows-based RSS reader. Supports RSS versions 0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0 and Atom 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3
  • blogbotrss - FREE! An RSS reader plug-in for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook

Tip: Most browsers have a built-in RSS Reader. If you go to a web site that offers RSS feeds, you will see an RSS icon RSS in the address bar, or toolbar. Click on the icon to view a list of the different feeds. Choose the feed you want to read.

I have an RSS Reader. Now what?

Click on the little RSS Logo or XML Logo button next to the RSS feed you want to read. Copy The URL you get in the browser window and paste it in your RSS reader.