SQL ROUND() Function

The ROUND() Function

The ROUND() function is used to round a numeric field to the number of decimals specified.

Note: Some database systems do rounding differently than would typically be considered. Most people assume that the ROUND() function would round to the nearest whole number. However, many DBMS's do "Bankers Rounding". This means that the number being rounded is rounded to the nearest EVEN whole number. I.E. if the number being rounded was 11.3, the logical rounding to most people would be to 11. However, since 11 is odd, "Bankers Rounding" would round this number to 12 instead.

SQL ROUND() Syntax

SELECT ROUND(column_name,decimals) FROM table_name;

Parameter Description
column_name Required. The field to round.
decimals Required. Specifies the number of decimals to be returned.

Demo Database

In this tutorial we will use the well-known Northwind sample database.

Below is a selection from the "Products" table:

ProductID ProductName SupplierID CategoryID Unit Price
1 Chais 1 1 10 boxes x 20 bags 18
2 Chang 1 1 24 - 12 oz bottles 19
3 Aniseed Syrup 1 2 12 - 550 ml bottles 10
4 Chef Anton's Cajun Seasoning 2 2 48 - 6 oz jars 21.35
5 Chef Anton's Gumbo Mix 2 2 36 boxes 25

SQL ROUND() Example

The following SQL statement selects the product name and rounds the price in the "Products" table:


SELECT ProductName, ROUND(Price,0) AS RoundedPrice
FROM Products;

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