RDF Reference

The RDF Namespaces

The RDF namespace (xmlns:rdf) is:

The RDFS namespace (xmlns:rdfs ) is:

The RDF Extension and MIME Type

The recommended file extension for RDF files is .rdf. However, the extension .xml is often used to provide compatibility with old xml parsers.

The MIME type should be "application/rdf+xml".

RDFS / RDF Classes

Element Class of Subclass of
rdfs:Class All classes  
rdfs:Datatype Data types Class
rdfs:Resource All resources Class
rdfs:Container Containers Resource
rdfs:Literal Literal values (text and numbers) Resource
rdf:List Lists Resource
rdf:Property Properties Resource
rdf:Statement Statements Resource
rdf:Alt Containers of alternatives Container
rdf:Bag Unordered containers Container
rdf:Seq Ordered containers Container
rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty Container membership properties Property
rdf:XMLLiteral XML literal values Literal

RDFS / RDF Properties

Element Domain Range Description
rdfs:domain Property Class The domain of the resource
rdfs:range Property Class The range of the resource
rdfs:subPropertyOf Property Property The property is a sub property of a property
rdfs:subClassOf Class Class The resource is a subclass of a class
rdfs:comment Resource Literal The human readable description of the resource
rdfs:label Resource Literal The human readable label (name)  of the resource
rdfs:isDefinedBy Resource Resource The definition of the resource
rdfs:seeAlso Resource Resource The additional information about the resource
rdfs:member Resource Resource The member of the resource
rdf:first List Resource  
rdf:rest List List  
rdf:subject Statement Resource The subject of the resource in an RDF Statement
rdf:predicate Statement Resource The predicate of the resource in an RDF Statement
rdf:object Statement Resource The object of the resource in an RDF Statement
rdf:value Resource Resource The property used for values
rdf:type Resource Class The resource is an instance of a class

RDF Attributes

Attribute Description
rdf:about Defines the resource being described
rdf:Description Container for the description of a resource
rdf:resource Defines a resource to identify a property
rdf:datatype Defines the data type of an element
rdf:ID Defines the ID of an element
rdf:li Defines a list
rdf:_n Defines a node
rdf:nodeID Defines the ID of an element node
rdf:parseType Defines how an element should be parsed
rdf:RDF The root of an RDF document
xml:base Defines the XML base
xml:lang Defines the language of the element content