XSL-FO volume Property


Definition and Usage

The volume property is used only in Aural Stylesheets.

The aural rendering of a document combines sounds and voices to go through the content of a document. Aural presentation occurs often by converting the document to plain text and then feeding this to a screen reader.

Situations and markets for listening to information could be:

  • for blind people
  • in the car
  • help users learning to read

The volume property specifies the volume of the speaking voice. User agents should allow the volume to be changed by the listener.


  • Inherited: yes
  • Percentages: yes
  • Media: aural

Property Values

Value Description
number A number between 0 and 100. 0 represents the lowest possible volume and 100 represents the maximum volume
% A % calculated relative to the inherited value
silent No sound at all. Note: silent is not the same as 0
x-soft Same as 0
soft Same as 25
medium Same as 50
loud Same as 75
x-loud Same as 100



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