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<h1>Welcome to My Homepage</h1>

<div class="intro">

<p>My name is Donald <span id="Lastname">Duck.</span></p>

<p id="my-Address">I live in Duckburg</p>

<p>I have many friends:</p>


<ul id="Listfriends>
  • <li>Goofy</li>
  • <li>Mickey</li>
  • <li>Daisy</li>
  • <li>Pluto</li>

    <p class="myquote">All my friends are great!<br>
    But I really like Daisy!!</p>

    <p lang="it" title="Hello beautiful">Ciao bella</p>

    <h3>We are all animals!</h3>

    <p><b>My latest discoveries have led me to believe that we are all animals:</b></p>

      Name Type of Animal
      Mickey Mouse
      Goofey Dog
      Daisy Duck
      Pluto Dog

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