HTML <link> rev Attribute

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In the following example, the rev attribute indicates that the current document is the parent of the "wildcats.htm" page:

  <link rev="parent" href="wildcats.htm">

Definition and Usage

The <link> rev attribute is not supported in HTML5.

The rev attribute specifies the relationship between the linked document and the current document.

The rev attribute is the reverse of the rel attribute.

Browser Support

rev Not supported Not supported Not supported Not supported Not supported


<link rev="value">

Attribute Values

Value Description
alternate An alternate version of the document (i.e. print page, translated or mirror)
stylesheet An external style sheet for the document
start The first document in a selection
next The next document in a selection
prev The previous document in a selection
contents A table of contents for the document
index An index for the document
glossary A glossary (explanation) of words used in the document
copyright A document containing copyright information
chapter A chapter of the document
section A section of the document
subsection A subsection of the document
appendix An appendix for the document
help A help document
bookmark A related document

❮ HTML <link> tag