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Alert some text when the page is being initialized, but before enhancement has begun:

  alert("pagebeforecreate event fired!")
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Definition and Usage

The pagebeforecreate event is triggered when the page is about to be initialized and before jQuery Mobile has started enhancing the page.

Use this event to manipulate content before jQuery Mobile has had a chance to do so. For example, if you want to add data attributes via a script instead of in the HTML source (see example below).

Note: This event is only triggered once per "page" - Every time a page is loaded for the first time, jQuery Mobile caches pages in the DOM (memory), so when you navigate back from pagetwo to pageone (for example), this event will not fire, because then, pageone is already initialized.

Related events:

  • pagecreate - triggered when the page is created, but before enhancement is complete


To trigger the event for all pages in jQuery Mobile:

$("document").on("pagebeforecreate",function(event){...}) Try it

To trigger the event for a specific page:

$("document").on("pagebeforecreate","page",function(event){...}) Try it

Parameter Description
function(event) Required. Specifies the function to run when the pagebeforecreate event occurs

The function has an optional event object, which can contain any jQuery event properties (e.g., event.type, etc.) See jQuery Events Reference for more information.
page Optional. Points to the id of the page to specify the pagebeforecreate event for. For internal pages, use #id. For external pages, use externalfile.html.

Try it Yourself - Examples

A demonstration of pagebeforecreate and pagecreate
A demonstration that shows when pagebeforecreate and pagecreate fire.

Manipulate content before jQuery Mobile has had a chance to do so
Using the pagebeforecreate event to dynamically add an attribute.

The event object
Using the event.type property to return the triggered event type.

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