CSS3 target Property


Open all hyperlinks in a new window, and place the new window above all other tabs/windows:

target:new front;

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Browser Support

Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Google Chrome Safari

The target property is not supported in any of the major browsers.

Definition and Usage

The target property is a shorthand property for setting the target-name, target-new, and target-position properties.

Default value: current window above
Inherited: no
Version: CSS3
JavaScript syntax: object.style.target="new front"

CSS Syntax

target: target-name target-new target-position;

Value Description
target-name Specifies where to open hyperlinks (target destination)
target-new Specifies whether new destination links should open in a new window or in a new tab of an existing window
target-position Specifies where new destination links should be placed

Note: The target-new and the target-position values only have an effect if the target-name value creates a new tab or a new window!


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