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<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>{{ name|center:20 }}</h1>

<p>In HTML the display does not show more than one space,
but if you view the page source you will see that there are
20 characters between &lt;h1&gt; and &lt;/h1&gt;.</p>

<p>Or, to demonstrate we can use a textarea to see that "Tobias" is center aligned:</p>

<textarea>{{ name|center:20 }}</textarea>

<p>In you can see what the name variable looks like.</p>

from django.http import HttpResponse
from django.template import loader

def testing(request):
  template = loader.get_template('template.html')
  context = {
    'name': 'Tobias',
  return HttpResponse(template.render(context, request))