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    What our learners say about us

    Ahmed Y.

    "It's a very good platform for learning. Breaks each step down and it is so easy to understand , you can also learn, write and run code on the go as it has ide(run environment) that are integrated into the browser. I highly recommend!!!"

    Mina A.

    "It is very helpful and simple. I just really love it. Thank you so much."

    Cornelius K.

    "I find the continuous layout and the structured structure in the descriptions very good. So you can find a lot of information very quickly."

    Sudhakar K.

    "Programming isn't that easy for me. But after being learnt from w3schools, I have gained confidence and empowered my skills. God bless W3schools. Now I am able to help students to get thorough knowledge on concepts with W3Schools help."

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