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ADO CopyTo Method

❮ Complete Stream Object Reference

The CopyTo method is used to copy a specified number of characters or bytes from an open Stream object into another open Stream object.

The type of the two Stream objects should be the same. However, text Stream objects can be copied into binary Stream objects, but not vice-versa, and the CharSet property of the destination Stream object can be different than the source Stream object. 


objStream.CopyTo dest,numchars

Parameter Description
dest Required. Where to copy the Stream (contains a reference to an open Stream object)
numchars Optional. An integer that specifies the number of characters or bytes to be copied from the current position in the source Stream to the destination Stream. Default is -1 (will copy all data from the current position to EOS)

Note: If the specified number is greater than the available number of bytes/characters until EOS, then only bytes/characters from the current position to EOS are copied

❮ Complete Stream Object Reference