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Django Template Tags Reference

Template Tags Reference

A list of all template tags:

Tag Description
autoescape Specifies if autoescape mode is on or off
block Specifies a block section
comment Specifies a comment section
csrf_token Protects forms from Cross Site Request Forgeries
cycle Specifies content to use in each cycle of a loop
debug Specifies debugging information
extends Specifies a parent template
filter Filters content before returning it
firstof Returns the first not empty variable
for Specifies a for loop
if Specifies a if statement
ifchanged Used in for loops. Outputs a block only if a value has changed since the last iteration
include Specifies included content/template
load Loads template tags from another library
lorem Outputs random text
now Outputs the current date/time
regroup Sorts an object by a group
resetcycle Used in cycles. Resets the cycle
spaceless Removes whitespace between HTML tags
templatetag Outputs a specified template tag
url Returns the absolute URL part of a URL
verbatim Specifies contents that should not be rendered by the template engine
widthratio Calculates a width value based on the ratio between a given value and a max value
with Specifies a variable to use in the block