Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

a contrast

Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Intelligence / Computer Intelligence

These frases suggest that machines can mimic humans in:

  • Thinking
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Talking
  • Understanding

Machines can understand verbal commands, recognize faces, drive cars, and play games better than us.

How long will it take before they walk among us?

Studying Artificial Intelligence races many interesting questions:

"Can computers think like humans?"

"Can computers be smarter than humans?"

"Can computers take over the world?"

Robotic Bartenders on Quantum of the Seas - Royal Caribbean:

To understand AI, you should learn a little bit about Human Intelligence, the History of Numbers, and the History of Computers.

Human Intelligence

About 70 000 years ago, something happened to the human brain.

The human brain started to develop Cognitive Intelligence:

  • Being able to understand a language
  • Being able to understand numbers
  • Being able to understand abstract thinking

To understand AI, it is important to understand Human Intelligence.

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Little by little, cognitive intelligence created Words and Languages.

To understand AI, it is important to understand the use of languages.

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Cognitive intelligence also created A Need for Numbers.

To understand AI, it is important to understand numbers and calculations.

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AI is a result of the human need for doing Complex Calculations.

Today, this can only be achieved by high speed calculations of numbers stored in a computer.

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Will Jobs be Taken Over by Computers?

In 2013, the Oxford scientists Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne, published a probability that 47% of all professions will be taken over by computers in Two Decades.

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The Human Brain is Superior?

Can animals, birds, insects, or plants think?

Humans have bigger brains than animals.

Big dogs have bigger brains than small dogs. Are big dogs smarter?

Birds have very small brains, but they know they should not make children in the autumn, and they know when to fly to the south.

Bees have even smaller brains, but they know how to communicate about where to find honey.

Plants have no brain, but they know how to reproduce, and how to prepare for the winter.