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HTML <td> headers Attribute

❮ HTML <td> tag


Specify the <th> element each <td> element is related to:

    <th id="name">Name</th>
    <th id="email">Email</th>
    <th id="phone">Phone</th>
    <th id="addr">Address</th>
    <td headers="name">John Doe</td>
    <td headers="email">someone@example.com</td>
    <td headers="phone">+45342323</td>
    <td headers="addr">Rosevn 56,4300 Sandnes,Norway</td>
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Definition and Usage

The headers attribute specifies one or more header cells a table cell is related to.

Note: The headers attribute has no visual effect in ordinary web browsers, but can be used by screen readers. 

Browser Support

headers Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


<td headers="header_id">

Attribute Values

Value Description
header_id Specifies a space-separated list of id's to one or more header cells the table cell is related to

❮ HTML <td> tag