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HTML <output> name Attribute

❮ HTML <output> tag


Perform a calculation and show the result in an <output> element:

<form oninput="x.value=parseInt(a.value)+parseInt(b.value)">
  <input type="range" id="a" value="50">
  +<input type="number" id="b" value="25">
  =<output name="x" for="a b"></output>
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Definition and Usage

The name attribute specifies the name of an <output> element.

The name attribute is used to reference form data after it has been submitted, or to reference the element in a JavaScript.

Browser Support

The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the attribute.

name 10.0 13.0  4.0 7.0 11.5


<output name="name">

Attribute Values

Value Description
name Specifies the name of the <output> element

❮ HTML <output> tag