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Price: $495 USD.

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Live Online Bootcamp

Tim Eberhard

Fun, intensive, interesting

Our class is really fun, we talk and laugh alot together. In terms of learning, there is alot you can learn from these guys! Mark is a cool, young & friendly instructor that explains you the content in an easy way. Also Mark and Chris check regurarly how we feel and develop as students.

Javier Lavin

Everything you want for a bootcamp!

After months of searching for the right bootcamp, I was starting to lose hope and considered going back to school to pursue a computer science degree at my local community college. My main challenge was finding a program that was affordable and offered more than one live online meeting per week. Most bootcamps that did offer this were very expensive and required a full-time commitment, which wasn't feasible for me as a full-time employee on a tight budget.But one day, I received an email from W3School announcing their own bootcamp program. After doing some research, I was very impressed with their curriculum that covered everything you need to know to get started with web development.

Robyn Johnson

Very interesting!

The instructor is awesome! He really takes time to explain. I feel like everyone in the bootcamp but me understands the concepts, but the instructor always wipes away the imposter syndrome. I'm learning quickly, and we haven't even made a month yet. He makes sure to meet with you one on one to be sure you're understanding the task. He leads you to the answer instead of giving it to you, which helps builds confidence. This bootcamp is very affordable compared to others but doesn't lack in education. I'm extremely glad I found this bootcamp and look forward to being an official web dev soon!

Everything you need to
get started with Python for Data Science.

Welcome to our Bootcamp on Python for AI! In this mini bootcamp, you will learn how to use Python, which is one of the most powerful languages in the world of Data Science. The bootcamp covers important Python and Data Science libraries like Pandas, NumPy and SciPy, which you need to know to analyze and manipulate data. You will also be working through a Python application project.

You will learn Python for Data Science, Pandas, and NumPy over a 3-week period, with a live instructor and an interactive learning cohort.

You Will Learn
  • Use Python for Data Science including cleaning, preparing and transforming data.
  • Data visualisation with Matploylib/ Seaborn
  • Statistical analysis with Scipy
  • Extensive use of the NumPy library
  • Extensive use of the Pandas library
  • Working with database connectors
  • Working through an example python application project

Live Online Learning

Learn directly from experienced instructors through live online learning sessions.

6 Hours per Week

Learn three evenings per week between 7pm and 9pm, available in multiple time zones.

Affordable & Flexible

One of the most affordable instructor-led online bootcamps, with flexible payment options.

How a Mini Bootcamp Works

1. Application and Enrollment:
Reserve your seat and enroll in the bootcamp by paying the bootcamp fee of only $495. The price includes the exam fee and 18 hours with live instructor.

2. Complete the Bootcamp:
After enrollment, you will be placed in a learning cohort with other students. You will go through the course material together and complete assignments and projects with the help of an experienced instructor.

The bootcamp covers Python for Data Science. The curriculum used is the W3Schools Python Tutorial, NumPy Tutorial and Pandas Tutorial.

Throughout the bootcamp, you will receive support from your cohort and the W3Schools team to help you grow your skill set.

3. Certification and Job Application:
Upon completing the bootcamp, you will get a Certificate of Completion for Python for Data Science and an extra acknowledgement that you were a part of the bootcamp. This certificate demonstrates that you completed the bootcamp and mastered the topics.

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Invest in your professional development!

Coding is an important skill to learn if you want to invest in yourself and your future. The W3Schools Bootcamps and Certification Program can help you to upgrade your skills and to stay relevant in the job market.

The W3Schools Bootcamps teach popular development languages like JavaScript, ReactJS, Python, SQL, and many others. These are skills that are in demand on the job market, and you can get them by participating and completing a bootcamp.

When you finish the bootcamp, you will get a certification. This shows that you have learned the subject of the bootcamp and that you are committed to learning. The certification will make you stand out in the job market and might even help you get paid more.

Invest in yourself and your career, and you will be investing in the future.

Find the right bootcamp for you and start right away.

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W3Schools has been a trusted source of online learning for over 23 years, and our proven curriculum has helped millions of learners from all over the world. Our constantly updated and improved learning materials ensure that you'll learn the latest techniques and best practices in web development.

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Bootcamp Overview

Bootcamp fee: $495
Bootcamp level: Fundamental
Certification exam: Included
Certification title: Certified of Completion "Python for Data Science Bootcamp"
Format: Bootcamp with live instructor and interactive learning cohort
Duration: 3 weeks
Time with instructor: 2 hours x 3 times a week x 3 weeks. Total of 18 hours
Languages: English
Curriculum: W3Schools Python, Numpy and Pandas Tutorials
Prerequisites: We recommend that you know the basics of Python

Upcoming Start Dates

Three evenings per week, for 3 weeks, between 7pm and 9pm (see time zones below):

Start Date Pace Live Learning Sessions Time Zones & Cohorts

Certificate of Completion

Gain a personal W3Schools Certificate to prove your skills as a web developer and increase your chances of landing developer jobs or projects. The Certificate will be in your name and can be checked to see that it is authentic from W3Schools by using your unique link or QR code.

Benefits of a Certificate:

  • Get better chances at landing jobs in Web Development
  • Stand out from other candidates
  • The Certificate proves you have mastered the fundamental skills of Web Development, which builds trust with potential employers
  • Showcase your skills on your resume, LinkedIn and other social media
  • Become more attractive in the job market

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Do you want to improve your team's web development skills? W3Schools can help with a comprehensive bootcamp that covers everything from designing websites to building powerful back-ends. Our program can be customized to fit your team's unique needs. Improving your team's web development skills can benefit your company's future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this 3-week bootcamp you will learn Python for Data Science. This is an intensive and short experience, which focuses on teaching you practical coding skills. The bootcamp is hands-on and project based, with a goal to make you ready for a tech job. Traditional school education is more extensive and can take up to many years. The school education is often broader and teaches you a wider foundation of things including theoretical aspects.

The job outlook for Data Science jobs are excellent. The tech industry is growing fast and needs skilled developers. Our program teaches practical skills using the latest technology for web and app development jobs, while also helping to develop soft skills like teamwork and problem-solving. A successful career in web and app development awaits our graduates.

We offer support to our students during and after the bootcamp to ensure their success. Our highly experienced instructors provide personalized mentorship and guidance. You will part of a growing active alumni community with shared resources that will provide you with continued support and career growth.

We are dedicated to providing our students with the support and resources they need to succeed in the tech industry.

We recommend that you have knowledge of Python.

This is an instructor-led program delivered fully online through live instruction and coaching sessions, as well as group projects and self study materials.

Our bootcamp teaches both front-end and back-end development that gives students a more comprehensive learning experience, as they can learn how to build the entire application stack from the user interface to the server-side processing. The inclusion of DevOps allows students to understand the entire software development lifecycle, which is an essential skill in the real world.

Capstone group projects allow students to gain practical experience working in teams to develop real-world applications. This experience helps them to develop soft skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, which are critical in the industry.

PC/Mac computer with minimum 8 GB RAM and 128GB SSD. A second monitor screen is recommended for coding practice during online sessions.

All required software will be installed and downloaded during class, e.g. Visual Studio Code, Node.js, NPM, Git CLI, Postman, PostgreSQL etc.

Upon completion you will earn the "Python for Data Science Bootcamp" certificate of completion. Here is the overview:

Bootcamp Certificate of Completion

Learn more about the certificates here:

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