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jQuery jQuery.fx.interval Property

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Cause the animation of a <div> element to run with less frames:

$("#toggle").on("click", function(){
$("#interval").on("click", function(){
  jQuery.fx.interval = 500;
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Definition and Usage

The jQuery.fx.interval property is used to change the animation firing rate in milliseconds.

The default value is 13 milliseconds. This property is often used to modify the number of frames per second at which animations will run. Lowering the firing rate can make animations to run smoother. However, it may cause performance and CPU implications.

Note: For any changes to this property to take effect, no animation should be running or all animations should be stopped first.

Note: This property has no effect in browsers that support the requestAnimationFrame property.


jQuery.fx.interval = milliseconds;

Parameter Description
milliseconds Required. Specifies the animation firing rate in milliseconds. Default is 13 milliseconds

❮ jQuery Properties