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jQuery filter() Method

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Return all <p> elements with class name "intro":

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Definition and Usage

The filter() method returns elements that match a certain criteria.

This method lets you specify a criteria. Elements that do not match the criteria are removed from the selection, and those that match will be returned.

This method is often used to narrow down the search for an element in a group of selected elements.

Tip: The filter() method is the opposite of the not() method.



Parameter Description
criteria Optional. Specifies a selector expression, a jQuery object or one or more elements to be returned from a group of selected elements.

Tip: To specify multiple criteria, use comma.
function(index Optional. Specifies a function to run for each element in the set. If it returns true, the element is kept. Otherwise, the element is removed.
  • index - The index position of the element in the set
Note: this is the current DOM element.

Try it Yourself - Examples

Return all <p> elements that are even
Using the :even selector together with filter() to return all <p> elements that are even.

Multiple criteria
How to return all <p> elements with class "intro" and id "outro".

Using a jQuery object
How to return all <p> elements with class "intro" inside of a <div> element, with a jQuery object.

How to return a <p> element with id "intro", with a DOM element.

Using a function
How use a function to select all <p> elements that have two <span> elements inside of them.

❮ jQuery Traversing Methods