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jQuery mousemove() Method

❮ jQuery Event Methods


Get the position of the mouse pointer within a page:

  $("span").text(event.pageX + ", " + event.pageY);
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Definition and Usage

The mousemove event occurs whenever the mouse pointer moves within the selected element.

The mousemove() method triggers the mousemove event, or attaches a function to run when a mousemove event occurs.

Note: Each time a user moves the mouse one pixel, a mousemove event occurs. It takes system resources to process all mousemove events. Use this event carefully.


Trigger the mousemove event for the selected elements:

$(selector).mousemove() Try it

Attach a function to the mousemove event:

$(selector).mousemove(function) Try it

Parameter Description
function Optional. Specifies the function to run when the mousemove event is triggered

Try it Yourself - Examples

The difference between mouseover(), mouseenter() and mousemove()
Demonstrates the difference between mouseover(), mouseenter() and mousemove().

❮ jQuery Event Methods