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jQuery mouseover() Method

❮ jQuery Event Methods


Set the background color to yellow, when the mouse pointer is over a <p> element:

  $("p").css("background-color", "yellow");
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Definition and Usage

The mouseover event occurs when the mouse pointer is over the selected element.

The mouseover() method triggers the mouseover event, or attaches a function to run when a mouseover event occurs.

Note: Unlike the mouseenter event, the mouseover event triggers if a mouse pointer enters any child elements as well as the selected element. The mouseenter event is only triggered when the mouse pointer enters the selected element. See the example at the end of the page for a demonstration.

Tip: This event is often used together with the mouseout event.


Trigger the mouseover event for the selected elements:

$(selector).mouseover() Try it

Attach a function to the mouseover event:

$(selector).mouseover(function) Try it

Parameter Description
function Optional. Specifies the function to run when the mouseover event is triggered

Try it Yourself - Examples

The difference between mouseover(), mouseenter() and mousemove()
Demonstrates the difference between mouseover(), mouseenter() and mousemove().

❮ jQuery Event Methods