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jQuery jQuery.support Property

❮ jQuery Properties


Test whether the browser can create an XMLHttpRequest object:

  $("p").html("This browser can create XMLHttpRequest object: " + jQuery.support.ajax);
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Definition and Usage

The jQuery.support property contains a collection of properties representing different browser features or bugs.

This property was primarily intended for jQuery�s internal use.



Parameter Description
propvalue Required. Specifies the function to test for. The tests included are:
  • ajax
  • boxModel
  • changeBubbles
  • checkClone
  • checkOn
  • cors
  • cssFloat
  • hrefNormalized
  • htmlSerialize
  • leadingWhitespace
  • noCloneChecked
  • noCloneEvent
  • opacity
  • optDisabled
  • optSelected
  • scriptEval()
  • style
  • submitBubbles
  • tbody

❮ jQuery Properties