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jQuery event.delegateTarget Property

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Change the background color of the <div> element (an ancestor of the <button> element):

$("div").on("click", "button", function(event){
  $(event.delegateTarget).css("background-color", "pink");
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Definition and Usage

The event.delegateTarget property returns the element where the currently-called jQuery event handler was attached.

This property is useful for delegated events attached by the on() method, where the event handler is attached at an ancestor of the element being processed.

Tip: event.delegateTarget is equal to event.currentTarget, if the event is directly-bound to an element and no delegation occurs (see example below).



Parameter Description
event Required. The event parameter comes from the event binding function

Try it Yourself - Examples

Difference between delegateTarget and currentTarget with delegation
Show the difference between delegateTarget and currentTarget when delegation occurs.

The delegateTarget and currentTarget are equal for directly bound events
Show that delegateTarget and currentTarget are equal for directly bound events.

❮ jQuery Event Methods