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jQuery appendTo() Method

❮ jQuery HTML/CSS Methods


Insert a <span> element at the end of each <p> element:

  $("<span>Hello World!</span>").appendTo("p");
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Definition and Usage

The appendTo() method inserts HTML elements at the end of the selected elements.

Tip: To insert HTML elements at the beginning of the selected elements, use the prependTo() method.



Parameter Description
content Required. Specifies the content to insert (must contain HTML tags).

Note: If content is an existing element, it will be moved from its current position, and inserted at the end of the selected elements.
selector Required. Specifies on which elements to append the content to

Try it Yourself - Examples

Insert an existing element
How to use the appendTo() method to insert an existing element at the end of each selected element.

❮ jQuery HTML/CSS Methods