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jQuery Misc index() Method

❮ jQuery Misc Methods


Get the index of the clicked <li> element, relative to its siblings:

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Definition and Usage

The index() method returns the index position of specified elements relative to other specified elements.

The elements can be specified by jQuery selectors, or a DOM element.

Note: If the element is not found, index() will return -1.

Index of First Matched Element, Relative to Sibling elements.

Get the index position of the first matched selected element relative to its sibling elements.


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Index of an Element, Relative to the Selector.

Get the index position of an element, relative to the selector.

The element can be specified using a DOM element, or a jQuery selector.


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Parameter Description
element Optional. Specifies the element to get the index position of. Can be a DOM element or a jQuery selector

❮ jQuery Misc Methods