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HTML <a> rel Attribute

❮ HTML <a> tag


A link with a rel attribute:

<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.functravel.com/">Cheap Flights</a>
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Definition and Usage

The rel attribute specifies the relationship between the current document and the linked document.

Only used if the href attribute is present.

Tip: Search engines can use this attribute to get more information about a link!

Browser Support

rel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


<a rel="value">

Attribute Values

Value Description
alternate Provides a link to an alternate representation of the document (i.e. print page, translated or mirror)
author Provides a link to the author of the document
bookmark Permanent URL used for bookmarking
external Indicates that the referenced document is not part of the same site as the current document
help Provides a link to a help document
license Provides a link to licensing information for the document
next Provides a link to the next document in the series
nofollow Links to an unendorsed document, like a paid link.
("nofollow" is used by Google, to specify that the Google search spider should not follow that link)
noopener Requires that any browsing context created by following the hyperlink must not have an opener browsing context
noreferrer Makes the referrer unknown. No referer header will be included when the user clicks the hyperlink
prev The previous document in a selection
search Links to a search tool for the document
tag A tag (keyword) for the current document

❮ HTML <a> tag