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HTML Audio/Video DOM buffered Property

❮ HTML Audio/Video DOM Reference


Get the first buffered range (part) of the video in seconds:

var vid = document.getElementById("myVideo");
alert("Start: " + vid.buffered.start(0)
+ " End: " + vid.buffered.end(0));
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Definition and Usage

The buffered property returns a TimeRanges object.

The TimeRanges object represents the user's buffered ranges of the audio/video.

A buffered range is a time-range of buffered audio/video. The user gets several buffered ranges if he/she skips in the audio/video.

Note: This property is read-only.

Browser Support

The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the property.

buffered Yes 9.0 4.0  Yes Yes



Return Value

Type Description
TimeRanges Object Represents the buffered parts of the audio/video.

TimeRanges Object Properties:

  • length - get the number of buffered ranges in the audio/video
  • start(index) - get the start position of a buffered range
  • end(index) - get the end position of a buffered range

Note: The first buffered range is index 0

❮ HTML Audio/Video DOM Reference