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AppML Reference - API

AppML Methods

Method Description
new AppML() Creates a new AppML object
appml("name") Returns the appml object with the specified name
displayMessage(text) Displays a specified message
getData() Fetches application data
run() Runs an application object
setError(no, description) Sets a specified error and error description

AppML Properties

Property Description
appName Application name (the container id)
container Application container element
controller Application controller
data Application data object
dataSource Application data source
displayType Application type ("form" or "list")
message Application message object
error Application error object

Data Object Properties

Property Description
data.model Application data model
data.records Application records (data)

AppML Form Methods

Method Description
newRecord() Reset the current form
saveRecord() Save the current record
deleteRecord() Delete the current record
closeForm() Close current form

AppML Filter Properties

Method Description
orderBys Array of order by field names
orderByDirections Array of order by directions
queryFields Array of query field names
queryValues Array of query values
queryTypes Array of query types