HTML ISO-8859-1 Reference


ISO-8859-1 was the default character in HTML 4.01.

ISO (The International Standards Organization) defines the standard character sets for different alphabets/languages.

The different variants of ISO-8859 are listed at the bottom of this page.

ISO-8859-1 Character Set

The first part of ISO-8859-1 (entity numbers from 0-127) is the original ASCII character-set. It contains numbers, upper and lowercase English letters, and some special characters.

For a closer look, please study our Complete ASCII Reference.

Character Number Entity Name Description
 0 - 31 Control characters
 32 space
!33 exclamation mark
"34"quotation mark
#35 number sign
$36 dollar sign
%37 percent sign
'39 apostrophe
(40 left parenthesis
)41 right parenthesis
*42 asterisk
+43 plus sign
,44 comma
-45 hyphen-minus
.46 full stop
/47 solidus
048 digit zero
149 digit one
250 digit two
351 digit three
452 digit four
553 digit five
654 digit six
755 digit seven
856 digit eight
957 digit nine
:58 colon
;59 semicolon
<60&lt;less-than sign
=61 equals sign
>62&gt;greater-than sign
?63 question mark
@64 commercial at
A65 Latin capital letter A
B66 Latin capital letter B
C67 Latin capital letter C
D68 Latin capital letter D
E69 Latin capital letter E
F70 Latin capital letter F
G71 Latin capital letter G
H72 Latin capital letter H
I73 Latin capital letter I
J74 Latin capital letter J
K75 Latin capital letter K
L76 Latin capital letter L
M77 Latin capital letter M
N78 Latin capital letter N
O79 Latin capital letter O
P80 Latin capital letter P
Q81 Latin capital letter Q
R82 Latin capital letter R
S83 Latin capital letter S
T84 Latin capital letter T
U85 Latin capital letter U
V86 Latin capital letter V
W87 Latin capital letter W
X88 Latin capital letter X
Y89 Latin capital letter Y
Z90 Latin capital letter Z
[91 left square bracket
\92 reverse solidus
]93 right square bracket
^94 circumflex accent
_95 low line
`96 grave accent
a97 Latin small letter a
b98 Latin small letter b
c99 Latin small letter c
d100 Latin small letter d
e101 Latin small letter e
f102 Latin small letter f
g103 Latin small letter g
h104 Latin small letter h
i105 Latin small letter i
j106 Latin small letter j
k107 Latin small letter k
l108 Latin small letter l
m109 Latin small letter m
n110 Latin small letter n
o111 Latin small letter o
p112 Latin small letter p
q113 Latin small letter q
r114 Latin small letter r
s115 Latin small letter s
t116 Latin small letter t
u117 Latin small letter u
v118 Latin small letter v
w119 Latin small letter w
x120 Latin small letter x
y121 Latin small letter y
z122 Latin small letter z
{123 left curly bracket
|124 vertical line
}125 right curly bracket
~126 tilde
 127 Control character

ISO-8859-1 and Windows-1252

ISO-8859-1 is very similar to Windows-1252.

In ISO-8859-1, the characters from 128 to 159 are not defined.

In Windows-1252, the characters from 128 to 159 are used for some useful symbols.

For a closer look, please study our Complete ANSI (Windows-1252) Reference.

Since many web sites declare ISO-8859-1 and use the values from 128 to 159 as if they were using Windows-1252, most browsers will display these characters from the Windows-1252 character set instead of nothing.

Character Number Entity Name Description
128&euro;euro sign
130&sbquo;single low-9 quotation mark
ƒ131&fnof;Latin small letter f with hook
132&bdquo;double low-9 quotation mark
133&hellip;horizontal ellipsis
135&Dagger;double dagger
ˆ136&circ;modifier letter circumflex accent
137&permil;per mille sign
Š138&Scaron;Latin capital letter S with caron
139&lsaquo;single left-pointing angle quotation mark
Œ140&OElig;Latin capital ligature OE
Ž142&Zcaron;Latin capital letter Z with caron
145&lsquo;left single quotation mark
146&rsquo;right single quotation mark
147&ldquo;left double quotation mark
148&rdquo;right double quotation mark
150&ndash;en dash
151&mdash;em dash
˜152&tilde;small tilde
153&trade;trade mark sign
š154&scaron;Latin small letter s with caron
155&rsaquo;single right-pointing angle quotation mark
œ156&oelig;Latin small ligature oe
ž158&zcaron;Latin small letter z with caron
Ÿ159&Yuml;Latin capital letter Y with diaeresis

ISO-8859-1 Symbols

The next part of ISO-8859-1 (codes from 160-191) contains commonly used special characters.

Character Entity Number Entity Name Description
 &#160;&nbsp;non-breaking space
¡&#161;&iexcl;inverted exclamation mark
¦&#166;&brvbar;broken vertical bar
¨&#168;&uml;spacing diaeresis
ª&#170;&ordf;feminine ordinal indicator
«&#171;&laquo;angle quotation mark (left)
­&#173;&shy;soft hyphen
®&#174;&reg;registered trademark
¯&#175;&macr;spacing macron
²&#178;&sup2;superscript 2
³&#179;&sup3;superscript 3
´&#180;&acute;spacing acute
·&#183;&middot;middle dot
¸&#184;&cedil;spacing cedilla
¹&#185;&sup1;superscript 1
º&#186;&ordm;masculine ordinal indicator
»&#187;&raquo;angle quotation mark (right)
¼&#188;&frac14;fraction 1/4
½&#189;&frac12;fraction 1/2
¾&#190;&frac34;fraction 3/4
¿&#191;&iquest;inverted question mark

ISO-8859-1 Characters

The higher part of ISO-8859-1 (codes from 192-255, except 215 and 247) contains characters used in Western European countries.

Character Entity Number Entity Name Description
À&#192;&Agrave;capital a, grave accent
Á&#193;&Aacute;capital a, acute accent
Â&#194;&Acirc;capital a, circumflex accent
Ã&#195;&Atilde;capital a, tilde
Ä&#196;&Auml;capital a, umlaut mark
Å&#197;&Aring;capital a, ring
Æ&#198;&AElig;capital ae
Ç&#199;&Ccedil;capital c, cedilla
È&#200;&Egrave;capital e, grave accent
É&#201;&Eacute;capital e, acute accent
Ê&#202;&Ecirc;capital e, circumflex accent
Ë&#203;&Euml;capital e, umlaut mark
Ì&#204;&Igrave;capital i, grave accent
Í&#205;&Iacute;capital i, acute accent
Î&#206;&Icirc;capital i, circumflex accent
Ï&#207;&Iuml;capital i, umlaut mark
Ð&#208;&ETH;capital eth, Icelandic
Ñ&#209;&Ntilde;capital n, tilde
Ò&#210;&Ograve;capital o, grave accent
Ó&#211;&Oacute;capital o, acute accent
Ô&#212;&Ocirc;capital o, circumflex accent
Õ&#213;&Otilde;capital o, tilde
Ö&#214;&Ouml;capital o, umlaut mark
Ø&#216;&Oslash;capital o, slash
Ù&#217;&Ugrave;capital u, grave accent
Ú&#218;&Uacute;capital u, acute accent
Û&#219;&Ucirc;capital u, circumflex accent
Ü&#220;&Uuml;capital u, umlaut mark
Ý&#221;&Yacute;capital y, acute accent
Þ&#222;&THORN;capital THORN, Icelandic
ß&#223;&szlig;small sharp s, German
à&#224;&agrave;small a, grave accent
á&#225;&aacute;small a, acute accent
â&#226;&acirc;small a, circumflex accent
ã&#227;&atilde;small a, tilde
ä&#228;&auml;small a, umlaut mark
å&#229;&aring;small a, ring
æ&#230;&aelig;small ae
ç&#231;&ccedil;small c, cedilla
è&#232;&egrave;small e, grave accent
é&#233;&eacute;small e, acute accent
ê&#234;&ecirc;small e, circumflex accent
ë&#235;&euml;small e, umlaut mark
ì&#236;&igrave;small i, grave accent
í&#237;&iacute;small i, acute accent
î&#238;&icirc;small i, circumflex accent
ï&#239;&iuml;small i, umlaut mark
ð&#240;&eth;small eth, Icelandic
ñ&#241;&ntilde;small n, tilde
ò&#242;&ograve;small o, grave accent
ó&#243;&oacute;small o, acute accent
ô&#244;&ocirc;small o, circumflex accent
õ&#245;&otilde;small o, tilde
ö&#246;&ouml;small o, umlaut mark
ø&#248;&oslash;small o, slash
ù&#249;&ugrave;small u, grave accent
ú&#250;&uacute;small u, acute accent
û&#251;&ucirc;small u, circumflex accent
ü&#252;&uuml;small u, umlaut mark
ý&#253;&yacute;small y, acute accent
þ&#254;&thorn;small thorn, Icelandic
ÿ&#255;&yuml;small y, umlaut mark

Variants of ISO-8859

Number Description Covers
8859-1Latin 1North America, Western Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, Africa.
8859-2Latin 2Eastern Europe.
8859-3Latin 3SE Europe, Esperanto, miscellaneous others.
8859-4Latin 4Scandinavia/Baltics (and others not in ISO-8859-1).
8859-5Latin/CyrillicThe Cyrillic alphabet. Bulgarian, Belarusian, Russian and Macedonian.
8859-6Latin/ArabicThe Arabic alphabet.
8859-7Latin/GreekThe modern Greek alphabet and mathematical symbols derived from the Greek.
8859-8Latin/HebrewThe Hebrew alphabet.
8859-9Latin/TurkishThe Turkish alphabet. Same as ISO-8859-1 except Turkish characters replace Icelandic.
8859-10Latin/NordicNordic alphabets. Lappish, Nordic, Eskimo.
8859-15Latin 9 (Latin 0)Similar to ISO-8859-1 but replaces some less common symbols with the euro sign and some other missing characters.
2022-JPLatin/Japanese 1The Japanese alphabet part 1.
2022-JP-2Latin/Japanese 2The Japanese alphabet part 2.
2022-KRLatin/Korean 1The Korean alphabet.


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