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Convert a French Republican date to a Julian Day Count and back to a French Republican date:

echo $jd . "<br>";
echo jdtofrench($jd);

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Definition and Usage

The frenchtojd() function converts a date from the French Republican Calendar to a Julian Day Count.

Tip: The French Republican Calendar is a calendar proposed during the French Revolution, and used by the French government for about twelve years from late 1793. This function only convert dates in years 1 through 14 (Gregorian dates 22 September 1792 - 22 September 1806).

Tip: Look at the jdtofrench() function to convert a Julian Day Count to a French Republican date.



Parameter Description
month Required. Specifies the month as a number from 1 to 13
day Required. Specifies the day as a number from 1 to 30
year Required. Specifies the year as a number from 1 to 14

Technical Details

Return Value: Returns a Julian Day number
PHP Version: 4+

PHP Calendar Reference PHP Calendar Reference


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