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Join array elements with a string:

$arr = array('Hello','World!','Beautiful','Day!');
echo join(" ",$arr);

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Definition and Usage

The join() function returns a string from the elements of an array.

The join() function is an alias of the implode() function.

Note: The join() function accept its parameters in either order. However, for consistency with explode(), you should use the documented order of arguments.

Note: The separator parameter of join() is optional. However, it is recommended to always use two parameters for backwards compatibility.



Parameter Description
separator Optional. Specifies what to put between the array elements. Default is "" (an empty string)
array Required. The array to join to a string

Technical Details

Return Value: Returns a string from elements of an array
PHP Version: 4+
Changelog: The separator parameter became optional in PHP 4.3.0.

More Examples

Example 1

Separate the array elements with different characters:

$arr = array('Hello','World!','Beautiful','Day!');
echo join(" ",$arr)."<br>";
echo join("+",$arr)."<br>";
echo join("-",$arr)."<br>";
echo join("X",$arr);

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PHP String Reference PHP String Reference


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