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Return the Unix timestamp for a GMT date. Then use it to find the day of that date:

// Prints: October 3, 1975 was on a Friday
echo "Oct 3, 1975 was on a ".date("l", gmmktime(0,0,0,10,3,1975));

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Definition and Usage

The gmmktime() function returns the Unix timestamp for a GMT date.

Tip: This function is identical to mktime() except the passed parameters represents a GMT date.



Parameter Description
hour Optional. Specifies the hour
minute Optional. Specifies the minute
second Optional. Specifies the second
month Optional. Specifies the month
day Optional. Specifies the day
year Optional. Specifies the year
is_dst Optional. Parameters always represent a GMT date so is_dst doesn't influence the result. Note: This parameter became deprecated in PHP 5.1.0. The new timezone handling features should be used instead

Technical Details

Return Value: Returns an integer Unix timestamp
PHP Version: 4+
Changelog: PHP 5.1.0: The is_dst parameter was deprecated

PHP Date/Time PHP Date/Time Reference


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