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Go Boolean Data Type

Boolean Data Type

A boolean data type is declared with the bool keyword and can only take the values true or false.

The default value of a boolean data type is false.


This example shows some different ways to declare Boolean variables:

package main
import ("fmt")

func main() {
  var b1 bool = true // typed declaration with initial value
  var b2 = true // untyped declaration with initial value
  var b3 bool // typed declaration without initial value
  b4 := true // untyped declaration with initial value

  fmt.Println(b1) // Returns true
  fmt.Println(b2) // Returns true
  fmt.Println(b3) // Returns false
  fmt.Println(b4) // Returns true
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Note: Boolean values are mostly used for conditional testing which you will learn more about in the Go Conditions chapter.