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Go Multi-case switch Statement

The Multi-case switch Statement

It is possible to have multiple values for each case in the switch statement:


switch expression {
case x,y:
   // code block if expression is evaluated to x or y
case v,w:
   // code block if expression is evaluated to v or w
case z:
   // code block if expression is not found in any cases

Multi-case switch Example

The example below uses the weekday number to return different text:


package main
import ("fmt")

func main() {
   day := 5

   switch day {
   case 1,3,5:
    fmt.Println("Odd weekday")
   case 2,4:
     fmt.Println("Even weekday")
   case 6,7:
    fmt.Println("Invalid day of day number")


Odd weekday
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