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Google Sheets SUMIF Function

SUMIF Function

The SUMIF function is a premade function in Google Sheets, which calculates the sum of values in a range based on a true or false condition.

It is typed =SUMIF:

=SUMIF(range, criterion, [sum_range])

The condition is referred to as criterion, which can check things like:

  • If a number is greater than another number >
  • If a number is smaller than another number <
  • If a number or text is equal to something =

The [sum_range] is the range where the function calculates the sum.

Note: The [sum_range] is optional.

If not specified, the function calculates the sum of the same range as the condition.

Example SUMIF function

Find the sum of Total stats for Grass type Pokemon:

The condition is that the type is "Grass".

Copy Values

Example SUMIF function, step by step:

  1. Select the cell F3
  2. Type =SUMIF
  3. Click the SUMIF command

  1. Specify the range for the conditionB2:B10 (the Type 1 values)
  2. Type ,
  3. Specify the criteria (the cell E3, which has the value "Grass")
  4. Type ,
  5. Specify the range for the sum C2:C10 (the Total values)
  6. Type ,
  7. Hit enter

The function now sums the Total stats for Grass type Pokemon.

The function can be repeated for the other Pokemon types to compare them:

Note: You can use the filling function for the other rows, but make sure to use absolute references for the ranges.

Now, we can see the sum of total stats for the different types of Pokemon: