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Google Action Icons

Action Icons

The table below shows all Google Action icons:

Icon Description Example
3d_rotation 3d_rotation Try it
accessibility accessibility Try it
accessible accessible Try it
account_balance account_balance Try it
account_balance_wallet account_balance_wallet Try it
account_box account_box Try it
account_circle account_circle Try it
add_shopping_cart add_shopping_cart Try it
alarm alarm Try it
alarm_add alarm_add Try it
alarm_off alarm_off Try it
alarm_on alarm_on Try it
all_out all_out Try it
android android Try it
announcement announcement Try it
aspect_ratio aspect_ratio Try it
assessment assessment Try it
assignment assignment Try it
assignment_ind assignment_ind Try it
assignment_late assignment_late Try it
assignment_return assignment_return Try it
assignment_returned assignment_returned Try it
assignment_turned_in assignment_turned_in Try it
autorenew autorenew Try it
backup backup Try it
book book Try it
bookmark bookmark Try it
bookmark_border bookmark_border Try it
bug_report bug_report Try it
build build Try it
cached cached Try it
camera_enhance camera_enhance Try it
card_giftcard card_giftcard Try it
card_membership card_membership Try it
card_travel card_travel Try it
change_history change_history Try it
check_circle check_circle Try it
chrome_reader_mode chrome_reader_mode Try it
class class Try it
code code Try it
compare_arrows compare_arrows Try it
copyright copyright Try it
credit_card credit_card Try it
dashboard dashboard Try it
date_range date_range Try it
delete delete Try it
delete_forever delete_forever Try it
description description Try it
dns dns Try it
done done Try it
done_all done_all Try it
donut_large donut_large Try it
donut_small donut_small Try it
eject eject Try it
euro_symbol euro_symbol Try it
event event Try it
event_seat event_seat Try it
exit_to_app exit_to_app Try it
explore explore Try it
extension extension Try it
face face Try it
favorite favorite Try it
favorite_border favorite_border Try it
feedback feedback Try it
find_in_page find_in_page Try it
find_replace find_replace Try it
fingerprint fingerprint Try it
flight_land flight_land Try it
flight_takeoff flight_takeoff Try it
flip_to_back flip_to_back Try it
flip_to_front flip_to_front Try it
g_translate g_translate Try it
gavel gavel Try it
get_app get_app Try it
gif gif Try it
grade grade Try it
group_work group_work Try it
help help Try it
help_outline help_outline Try it
highlight_off highlight_off Try it
history history Try it
home home Try it
hourglass_empty hourglass_empty Try it
hourglass_full hourglass_full Try it
http http Try it
https https Try it
important_devices important_devices Try it
info info Try it
info_outline info_outline Try it
input input Try it
invert_colors invert_colors Try it
label label Try it
label_outline label_outline Try it
language language Try it
launch launch Try it
lightbulb_outline lightbulb_outline Try it
line_style line_style Try it
line_weight line_weight Try it
list list Try it
lock lock Try it
lock_open lock_open Try it
lock_outline lock_outline Try it
loyalty loyalty Try it
markunread_mailbox markunread_mailbox Try it
motorcycle motorcycle Try it
note_add note_add Try it
offline_pin offline_pin Try it
opacity opacity Try it
open_in_browser open_in_browser Try it
open_in_new open_in_new Try it
open_with open_with Try it
pageview pageview Try it
pan_tool pan_tool Try it
payment payment Try it
perm_camera_mic perm_camera_mic Try it
perm_contact_calendar perm_contact_calendar Try it
perm_data_setting perm_data_setting Try it
perm_device_information perm_device_information Try it
perm_identity perm_identity Try it
perm_media perm_media Try it
perm_phone_msg perm_phone_msg Try it
perm_scan_wifi perm_scan_wifi Try it
pets pets Try it
picture_in_picture picture_in_picture Try it
picture_in_picture_alt picture_in_picture_alt Try it
play_for_work play_for_work Try it
polymer polymer Try it
power_settings_new power_settings_new Try it
pregnant_woman pregnant_woman Try it
print print Try it
query_builder query_builder Try it
question_answer question_answer Try it
receipt receipt Try it
record_voice_over record_voice_over Try it
redeem redeem Try it
remove_shopping_cart remove_shopping_cart Try it
reorder reorder Try it
report_problem report_problem Try it
restore restore Try it
restore_page restore_page Try it
room room Try it
rounded_corner rounded_corner Try it
rowing rowing Try it
schedule schedule Try it
search search Try it
settings settings Try it
settings_applications settings_applications Try it
settings_backup_restore settings_backup_restore Try it
settings_bluetooth settings_bluetooth Try it
settings_brightness settings_brightness Try it
settings_cell settings_cell Try it
settings_ethernet settings_ethernet Try it
settings_input_antenna settings_input_antenna Try it
settings_input_component settings_input_component Try it
settings_input_composite settings_input_composite Try it
settings_input_hdmi settings_input_hdmi Try it
settings_input_svideo settings_input_svideo Try it
settings_overscan settings_overscan Try it
settings_phone settings_phone Try it
settings_power settings_power Try it
settings_remote settings_remote Try it
settings_voice settings_voice Try it
shop shop Try it
shop_two shop_two Try it
shopping_basket shopping_basket Try it
shopping_cart shopping_cart Try it
speaker_notes speaker_notes Try it
speaker_notes_off speaker_notes_off Try it
spellcheck spellcheck Try it
star star Try it
star_rate star_rate Try it
stars stars Try it
store store Try it
subject subject Try it
supervisor_account supervisor_account Try it
swap_horiz swap_horiz Try it
swap_vert swap_vert Try it
swap_vertical_circle swap_vertical_circle Try it
system_update_alt system_update_alt Try it
tab tab Try it
tab_unselected tab_unselected Try it
theaters theaters Try it
thumb_down thumb_down Try it
thumb_up thumb_up Try it
thumbs_up_down thumbs_up_down Try it
toc toc Try it
today today Try it
toll toll Try it
touch_app touch_app Try it
track_changes track_changes Try it
translate translate Try it
trending_down trending_down Try it
trending_flat trending_flat Try it
trending_up trending_up Try it
turned_in turned_in Try it
turned_in_not turned_in_not Try it
update update Try it
verified_user verified_user Try it
view_agenda view_agenda Try it
view_array view_array Try it
view_carousel view_carousel Try it
view_column view_column Try it
view_day view_day Try it
view_headline view_headline Try it
view_list view_list Try it
view_module view_module Try it
view_quilt view_quilt Try it
view_stream view_stream Try it
view_week view_week Try it
visibility visibility Try it
visibility_off visibility_off Try it
watch_later watch_later Try it
work work Try it
youtube_searched_for youtube_searched_for Try it
zoom_in zoom_in Try it
zoom_out zoom_out Try it


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