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Google Hardware Icons

Hardware Icons

Below is a list of all Google Hardware icons:

Icon Description Example
cast cast Try it
cast_connected cast_connected Try it
computer computer Try it
desktop_mac desktop_mac Try it
desktop_windows desktop_windows Try it
developer_board developer_board Try it
device_hub device_hub Try it
devices_other devices_other Try it
dock dock Try it
gamepad gamepad Try it
headset headset Try it
headset_mic headset_mic Try it
keyboard keyboard Try it
keyboard_arrow_down keyboard_arrow_down Try it
keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_left Try it
keyboard_arrow_right keyboard_arrow_right Try it
keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_up Try it
keyboard_backspace keyboard_backspace Try it
keyboard_capslock keyboard_capslock Try it
keyboard_hide keyboard_hide Try it
keyboard_return keyboard_return Try it
keyboard_tab keyboard_tab Try it
keyboard_voice keyboard_voice Try it
laptop laptop Try it
laptop_chromebook laptop_chromebook Try it
laptop_mac laptop_mac Try it
laptop_windows laptop_windows Try it
memory memory Try it
mouse mouse Try it
phone_android phone_android Try it
phone_iphone phone_iphone Try it
phonelink phonelink Try it
phonelink_off phonelink_off Try it
power_input power_input Try it
phonelink phonelink Try it
router router Try it
scanner scanner Try it
security security Try it
sim_card sim_card Try it
smartphone smartphone Try it
speaker speaker Try it
speaker_group speaker_group Try it
tablet tablet Try it
tablet_android tablet_android Try it
tablet_mac tablet_mac Try it
toys toys Try it
tv tv Try it
videogame_asset videogame_asset Try it
watch watch Try it