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Google Image Icons

Image Icons

Below is a list of all Google Image icons:

Icon Description Example
add_a_photo add_a_photo Try it
add_to_photos add_to_photos Try it
adjust adjust Try it
assistant assistant Try it
assistant_photo assistant_photo Try it
audiotrack audiotrack Try it
blur_circular blur_circular Try it
blur_linear blur_linear Try it
blur_off blur_off Try it
blur_on blur_on Try it
brightness_1 brightness_1 Try it
brightness_2 brightness_2 Try it
brightness_3 brightness_3 Try it
brightness_4 brightness_4 Try it
brightness_5 brightness_5 Try it
brightness_6 brightness_6 Try it
brightness_7 brightness_7 Try it
broken_image broken_image Try it
brush brush Try it
burst_mode burst_mode Try it
camera camera Try it
camera_alt camera_alt Try it
camera_front camera_front Try it
camera_rear camera_rear Try it
camera_roll camera_roll Try it
center_focus_strong center_focus_strong Try it
center_focus_weak center_focus_weak Try it
collections collections Try it
collections_bookmark collections_bookmark Try it
color_lens color_lens Try it
colorize colorize Try it
compare compare Try it
control_point control_point Try it
control_point_duplicate control_point_duplicate Try it
crop crop Try it
crop_16_9 crop_16_9 Try it
crop_3_2 crop_3_2 Try it
crop_5_4 crop_5_4 Try it
crop_7_5 crop_7_5 Try it
crop_din crop_din Try it
crop_free crop_free Try it
crop_landscape crop_landscape Try it
crop_original crop_original Try it
crop_portrait crop_portrait Try it
crop_square crop_square Try it
dehaze dehaze Try it
details details Try it
edit edit Try it
exposure exposure Try it
exposure_neg_1 exposure_neg_1 Try it
exposure_neg_2 exposure_neg_2 Try it
exposure_plus_1 exposure_plus_1 Try it
exposure_plus_2 exposure_plus_2 Try it
exposure_zero exposure_zero Try it
filter filter Try it
filter_1 filter_1 Try it
filter_2 filter_2 Try it
filter_3 filter_3 Try it
filter_4 filter_4 Try it
filter_5 filter_5 Try it
filter_6 filter_6 Try it
filter_7 filter_7 Try it
filter_8 filter_8 Try it
filter_9 filter_9 Try it
filter_9_plus filter_9_plus Try it
filter_b_and_w filter_b_and_w Try it
filter_center_focus filter_center_focus Try it
filter_drama filter_drama Try it
filter_frames filter_frames Try it
filter_hdr filter_hdr Try it
filter_none filter_none Try it
filter_tilt_shift filter_tilt_shift Try it
filter_vintage filter_vintage Try it
flare flare Try it
flash_auto flash_auto Try it
flash_off flash_off Try it
flash_on flash_on Try it
flip flip Try it
gradient gradient Try it
grain grain Try it
grid_off grid_off Try it
grid_on grid_on Try it
hdr_off hdr_off Try it
hdr_on hdr_on Try it
hdr_strong hdr_strong Try it
hdr_weak hdr_weak Try it
healing healing Try it
image image Try it
image_aspect_ratio image_aspect_ratio Try it
iso iso Try it
landscape landscape Try it
leak_add leak_add Try it
leak_remove leak_remove Try it
lens lens Try it
linked_camera linked_camera Try it
looks looks Try it
looks_3 looks_3 Try it
looks_4 looks_4 Try it
looks_5 looks_5 Try it
looks_6 looks_6 Try it
looks_one looks_one Try it
looks_two looks_two Try it
loupe loupe Try it
monochrome_photos monochrome_photos Try it
movie_creation movie_creation Try it
movie_filter movie_filter Try it
music_note music_note Try it
nature nature Try it
nature_people nature_people Try it
navigate_before navigate_before Try it
navigate_next navigate_next Try it
palette palette Try it
panorama panorama Try it
panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye Try it
panorama_horizontal panorama_horizontal Try it
panorama_vertical panorama_vertical Try it
panorama_wide_angle panorama_wide_angle Try it
photo photo Try it
photo_album photo_album Try it
photo_camera photo_camera Try it
photo_filter photo_filter Try it
photo_library photo_library Try it
photo_size_select_actual photo_size_select_actual Try it
photo_size_select_large photo_size_select_large Try it
photo_size_select_small photo_size_select_small Try it
picture_as_pdf picture_as_pdf Try it
portrait portrait Try it
remove_red_eye remove_red_eye Try it
rotate_90_degrees_ccw rotate_90_degrees_ccw Try it
rotate_left rotate_left Try it
rotate_right rotate_right Try it
slideshow slideshow Try it
straighten straighten Try it
style style Try it
switch_camera switch_camera Try it
switch_video switch_video Try it
tag_faces tag_faces Try it
texture texture Try it
timelapse timelapse Try it
timer_10 timer_10 Try it
timer timer Try it
timer_3 timer_3 Try it
timer_off timer_off Try it
tonality tonality Try it
transform transform Try it
tune tune Try it
view_comfy view_comfy Try it
view_compact view_compact Try it
vignette vignette Try it
wb_auto wb_auto Try it
wb_cloudy wb_cloudy Try it
wb_incandescent wb_incandescent Try it
wb_iridescent wb_iridescent Try it
wb_sunny wb_sunny Try it


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