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Node.js Path Module

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Extract the filename from a file path:

var path = require('path');
var filename = path.basename('/Users/Refsnes/demo_path.js');
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Definition and Usage

The Path module provides a way of working with directories and file paths.


The syntax for including the Path module in your application:

var path = require('path');

Path Properties and Methods

Method Description
basename() Returns the last part of a path
delimiter Returns the delimiter specified for the platform
dirname() Returns the directories of a path
extname() Returns the file extension of a path
format() Formats a path object into a path string
isAbsolute() Returns true if a path is an absolute path, otherwise false
join() Joins the specified paths into one
normalize() Normalizes the specified path
parse() Formats a path string into a path object
posix Returns an object containing POSIX specific properties and methods
relative() Returns the relative path from one specified path to another specified path
resolve() Resolves the specified paths into an absolute path
sep Returns the segment separator specified for the platform
win32 Returns an object containing Windows specific properties and methods

❮ Built-in Modules