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Search for "t" in string "Customer", and return position:

SELECT InStr("Customer", "t") AS MatchPosition;
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Definition and Usage

The InStr() function gets the position of the first occurrence of a string in another.

This function performs a case-insensitive search.


InStr(start, string1, string2, compare)

Parameter Values

Parameter Description
start Optional. The start position for the search. Position 1 is default
string1 Required. The string to be searched
string2 Required. The string to search for
compare Optional. The type of string comparison.

Possible values:
-1: Use the setting of Option Compare
0: Binary comparison
1: Textual comparison
2: Comparison based on info in your database

Return Values

  • If string2 is not found within string1, this function returns 0
  • If string1 is zero-length, this function returns 0
  • If string1 is null, this function returns null
  • If string2 is zero-length, this function returns the value in the start parameter
  • If start is > than the length of string2, this function returns 0

Technical Details

Works in: From Access 2000

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