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What is AWS Auto Scaling?

AWS Auto Scaling is a service that automatically adjusts capacity of AWS services for application performance.

AWS Auto Scaling Introduction Video

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What is AWS Auto Scaling?

AWS Auto Scaling monitors application performance and scales AWS services resource capacity automatically.

AWS Auto Scaling is used with applications that rely on multiple AWS services that can scale. Scaling policies can be unified for multiple AWS services together. Both Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling and Application Auto Scaling services can be combined and included in AWS Auto Scaling.

Applications are defined by AWS CloudFormation or by AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Scaling plans can be customized to optimize for availability, cost, or both. Scaling policies can track performance metrics, like CPU usage, and will add or remove capacity to keep close to a target value for the metric.

AWS Auto Scaling can predict application resource demand and create and provision capacity for:

AWS Auto Scaling Pricing

AWS Auto Scaling is a free service, but extra service capacity is priced according to use.