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alignContent alignItems alignSelf animation animationDelay animationDirection animationDuration animationFillMode animationIterationCount animationName animationTimingFunction animationPlayState background backgroundAttachment backgroundClip backgroundColor backgroundImage backgroundOrigin backgroundPosition backgroundRepeat backgroundSize backfaceVisibility border borderBottom borderBottomColor borderBottomLeftRadius borderBottomRightRadius borderBottomStyle borderBottomWidth borderCollapse borderColor borderImage borderImageOutset borderImageRepeat borderImageSlice borderImageSource borderImageWidth borderLeft borderLeftColor borderLeftStyle borderLeftWidth borderRadius borderRight borderRightColor borderRightStyle borderRightWidth borderSpacing borderStyle borderTop borderTopColor borderTopLeftRadius borderTopRightRadius borderTopStyle borderTopWidth borderWidth bottom boxShadow boxSizing captionSide caretColor clear clip color columnCount columnFill columnGap columnRule columnRuleColor columnRuleStyle columnRuleWidth columns columnSpan columnWidth counterIncrement counterReset cssFloat cursor direction display emptyCells filter flex flexBasis flexDirection flexFlow flexGrow flexShrink flexWrap font fontFamily fontSize fontStyle fontVariant fontWeight fontSizeAdjust height isolation justifyContent left letterSpacing lineHeight listStyle listStyleImage listStylePosition listStyleType margin marginBottom marginLeft marginRight marginTop maxHeight maxWidth minHeight minWidth objectFit objectPosition opacity order orphans outline outlineColor outlineOffset outlineStyle outlineWidth overflow overflowX overflowY padding paddingBottom paddingLeft paddingRight paddingTop pageBreakAfter pageBreakBefore pageBreakInside perspective perspectiveOrigin position quotes resize right scrollBehavior tableLayout tabSize textAlign textAlignLast textDecoration textDecorationColor textDecorationLine textDecorationStyle textIndent textOverflow textShadow textTransform top transform transformOrigin transformStyle transition transitionProperty transitionDuration transitionTimingFunction transitionDelay unicodeBidi userSelect verticalAlign visibility width wordBreak wordSpacing wordWrap widows zIndex

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<a> <abbr> <address> <area> <article> <aside> <audio> <b> <base> <bdo> <blockquote> <body> <br> <button> <canvas> <caption> <cite> <code> <col> <colgroup> <datalist> <dd> <del> <details> <dfn> <dialog> <div> <dl> <dt> <em> <embed> <fieldset> <figcaption> <figure> <footer> <form> <head> <header> <h1> - <h6> <hr> <html> <i> <iframe> <img> <ins> <input> button <input> checkbox <input> color <input> date <input> datetime <input> datetime-local <input> email <input> file <input> hidden <input> image <input> month <input> number <input> password <input> radio <input> range <input> reset <input> search <input> submit <input> text <input> time <input> url <input> week <kbd> <label> <legend> <li> <link> <map> <mark> <menu> <menuitem> <meta> <meter> <nav> <object> <ol> <optgroup> <option> <output> <p> <param> <pre> <progress> <q> <s> <samp> <script> <section> <select> <small> <source> <span> <strong> <style> <sub> <summary> <sup> <table> <tbody> <td> <tfoot> <th> <thead> <tr> <textarea> <time> <title> <track> <u> <ul> <var> <video>

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CSSStyleDeclaration JS Conversion


DOM Events allow JavaScript to add event listener or event handlers to HTML elements.

For a tutorial about Events, read our JavaScript Events Tutorial.


In HTML onclick is the event listener, myFunction is the event handler:

<button onclick="myFunction()">Click me</button>

In JavaScript click is the event, myFunction is the event handler:

button.addEventListener("click", myFunction);
Event Occurs When Belongs To
abort The loading of a media is aborted UiEvent, Event
afterprint A page has started printing Event
animationend A CSS animation has completed AnimationEvent
animationiteration A CSS animation is repeated AnimationEvent
animationstart A CSS animation has started AnimationEvent
beforeprint A page is about to be printed Event
beforeunload Before a document is about to be unloaded UiEvent, Event
blur An element loses focus FocusEvent
canplay The browser can start playing a media (has buffered enough to begin) Event
canplaythrough The browser can play through a media without stopping for buffering Event
change The content of a form element has changed Event
click An element is clicked on MouseEvent
contextmenu An element is right-clicked to open a context menu MouseEvent
copy The content of an element is copied ClipboardEvent
cut The content of an element is cut ClipboardEvent
dblclick An element is double-clicked MouseEvent
drag An element is being dragged DragEvent
dragend Dragging of an element has ended DragEvent
dragenter A dragged element enters the drop target DragEvent
dragleave A dragged element leaves the drop target DragEvent
dragover A dragged element is over the drop target DragEvent
dragstart Dragging of an element has started DragEvent
drop A dragged element is dropped on the target DragEvent
durationchange The duration of a media is changed Event
ended A media has reach the end ("thanks for listening") Event
error An error has occurred while loading a file ProgressEvent, UiEvent, Event
focus An element gets focus FocusEvent
focusin An element is about to get focus FocusEvent
focusout An element is about to lose focus FocusEvent
fullscreenchange An element is displayed in fullscreen mode Event
fullscreenerror An element can not be displayed in fullscreen mode Event
hashchange There has been changes to the anchor part of a URL HashChangeEvent
input An element gets user input InputEvent, Event
invalid An element is invalid Event
keydown A key is down KeyboardEvent
keypress A key is pressed KeyboardEvent
keyup A key is released KeyboardEvent
load An object has loaded UiEvent, Event
loadeddata Media data is loaded Event
loadedmetadata Meta data (like dimensions and duration) are loaded Event
loadstart The browser starts looking for the specified media ProgressEvent
message A message is received through the event source Event
mousedown The mouse button is pressed over an element MouseEvent
mouseenter The pointer is moved onto an element MouseEvent
mouseleave The pointer is moved out of an element MouseEvent
mousemove The pointer is moved over an element MouseEvent
mouseover The pointer is moved onto an element MouseEvent
mouseout The pointer is moved out of an element MouseEvent
mouseup A user releases a mouse button over an element MouseEvent
mousewheel Deprecated. Use the wheel event instead WheelEvent
offline The browser starts working offline Event
online The browser starts working online Event
open A connection with the event source is opened Event
pagehide User navigates away from a webpage PageTransitionEvent
pageshow User navigates to a webpage PageTransitionEvent
paste Some content is pasted in an element ClipboardEvent
pause A media is paused Event
play The media has started or is no longer paused Event
playing The media is playing after being paused or buffered Event
popstate The window's history changes PopStateEvent
progress The browser is downloading media data Event
ratechange The playing speed of a media is changed Event
resize The document view is resized UiEvent, Event
reset A form is reset Event
scroll An scrollbar is being scrolled UiEvent, Event
search Something is written in a search field Event
seeked Skipping to a media position is finished Event
seeking Skipping to a media position is started Event
select User selects some text UiEvent, Event
show A <menu> element is shown as a context menu Event
stalled The browser is trying to get unavailable media data Event
storage A Web Storage area is updated StorageEvent
submit A form is submitted Event
suspend The browser is intentionally not getting media data Event
timeupdate The playing position has changed (the user moves to a different point in the media) Event
toggle The user opens or closes the <details> element Event
touchcancel The touch is interrupted TouchEvent
touchend A finger is removed from a touch screen TouchEvent
touchmove A finger is dragged across the screen TouchEvent
touchstart A finger is placed on a touch screen TouchEvent
transitionend A CSS transition has completed TransitionEvent
unload A page has unloaded UiEvent, Event
volumechange The volume of a media is changed (includes muting) Event
waiting A media is paused but is expected to resume (e.g. buffering) Event
wheel The mouse wheel rolls up or down over an element WheelEvent


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