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Get the width of a <div> element's top and left border:

var elmnt = document.getElementById("myDIV");
var txt = "Border top width: " + elmnt.clientTop + "px<br>";
txt += "Border left width: " + elmnt.clientLeft + "px";
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Definition and Usage

The clientLeft property returns the width of the left border of an element, in pixels.

This property does not include the element's left padding or the left margin.

Tip: You can also use the style.borderLeftWidth property to return the width of an element's left border.

Note: For Chrome, Firefox and Opera on Windows, if the element has a scrollbar (set by the CSS overflow property), and if the text direction of that element is right-to-left (set by the CSS direction property), this property includes the width of the vertical scrollbar, together with the left border width. In IE, however, it returns "0". On Mac OS, using Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera, it returns only the left border width.

Tip: To return the width of the top border of an element, use the clientTop property.

This property is read-only.

Browser Support

clientLeft Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes



Technical Details

Return Value: A Number, representing the width of an element's left border, in pixels

More Examples


In this example, the text direction of <div> is right-to-left, and it has a scrollbar:

var left = document.getElementById("myDIV").clientLeft;
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