Artificial Intelligence

AI in JavaScript

These days, several JavaScript AI framework are emerging.

JavaScript frameworks make it possible to execute AI tasks in the browser.

AI and JavaScript

Artificial Intelligence has changed the science of image processing, computer vision, and natural language applications.

Thanks to new AI libraries, JavaScript developers can now build machine learning and deep learning applications without Python or R. This way JavaScript can help developers to bring AI to the browser and to the web.

Is JavaScript Good for AI?

Most AI applications these days use R or Python.

But JavaScript has a great future as an AI language, and it even has a some advantages:

  • JS is better known. All developers can use it.
  • Security is built in. JS cannot access your files.
  • JS is faster than Python.
  • Modern JS compiles into machine code.
  • Modern JS can use hardware acceleration.


WebGL is a JavaScript API for rendering 2d and 3D graphics in any browser.

WebGL can run on both integrated and stanalone graphic cards in any PC.

WebGL brings 3D graphics to the web browser. Major browser vendors Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Edge), and Mozilla (Firefox) are members of the WebGL Working Group.

WebGL 1.0 was released in March 2011.

WebGL 2.0 was released in January 2017.


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Plotting Values

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