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AWS RDS - Relational Database Service

Cloud Relational Database - Amazon RDS

AWS RDS is also called AWS Relational Database Service.

RDS is a service that automates database tasks.

It enables running relational databases in AWS Cloud.

It supports these database engines:

  • AWS Aurora
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • Oracle Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server

AWS RDS database engines offer data encryption while data is stored, sent, and received.

AWS RDS helps you complete administrative tasks faster.

Decreasing the time needed for administrative tasks gives you more time to develop application features.

AWS Relational Database Service Video

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What is a Relational Database?

In a relational database, data is stored so that it may be linked to other data.

A relational database commonly use SQL (Structured Query language) to store and query data.

Relational database example:

ID Product name Price
1 T-shirt $20
2 Jeans $35
3 Shoes $50

SQL (Structured Query language) makes stored data consistent and easily understandable.

What is Amazon Aurora?

Amazon Aurora is a relational database ideal for large organizations and enterprises.

It offers high availability of data.

It is excellent for managing large amounts of data.

It is five times faster than a MySQL database.

It is three times faster than a PostgreSQL database.

Amazon Aurora creates six copies of data across three Availability Zones and a data backup on Amazon S3.

It ensures the data is available at all times.

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What is AWS RDS is short for?

AWS  Database Service

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