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Django Create App

What is an App?

An app is a web application that has a specific meaning in your project, like a home page, a contact form, or a members database.

In this tutorial we will create an app that allows us to list and register members in a database.

But first, let's just create a simple Django app that displays "Hello World!".

Create App

I will name my app members.

Start by navigating to the selected location where you want to store the app, in my case the my_tennis_club folder, and run the command below.

If the server is still running, and you are not able to write commands, press [CTRL] [BREAK], or [CTRL] [C] to stop the server and you should be back in the virtual environment.

py manage.py startapp members

Django creates a folder named members in my project, with this content:


These are all files and folders with a specific meaning. You will learn about most of them later in this tutorial.

First, take a look at the file called views.py.

This is where we gather the information we need to send back a proper response.

You will learn more about views in the next chapter.